BGFP Weather Policy

Updated Thursday February 15, 2018 by Admin.

BGFP Parents and Coaches,

Welcome to the unpredictable weather of Spring!  As discussed in each of our parent meetings earlier this year, BGFP will make every effort to get games played as scheduled.  In order for this to happen, decision on whether to play or not play based on weather related issues are often made in the minutes before the game is scheduled to begin.  Factors considered in this decision include things like the presence of thunder or lighting, the intensity of current rainfall, and the overall field conditions.  All of these are factored in with participant safety as the priority. 

So as we all plan our day in light of pending inclement weather the following suggestions are made:

·        Always plan on coming to the field to play as scheduled.  Unless it is more than obvious, games will not be canceled in advance of game time.

·        The cancelation of the 5:45pm game time does NOT mean the next 7:00pm game is also canceled.  Each game is determined individually at the time of play.

·        If there is thunder or lightening, all players are to come off the field.  Play can resume 30 minutes after the last episode of thunder or lightening by LFCUG Policy. 

·        The decision to play is made jointly by the coaches, umpires and BGGFP Board member(s) present at the field.  Coaches do not send your players home or tell them not to come until the decision not to play is finalized by the BGFP Board.

·        All communications about game cancelations will be sent through SI Play/Team wall by team coaches.  Please check your email and text for those notices. To receive text messages you have to sign up separately for that service on Team Wall.  Cancelation notices will also be posted on and Facebook.

·        Canceled games will be rescheduled as soon as possible and may include play on Sunday.

BGFP will use available field tarps to facilitate on time play of games.  It takes the village-coaches, parents and older players to get the tarps on/off the fields.  Please respond to calls to help with tarps if possible.



BGFP Board