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Frequently asked questions about the Spring Rec Ball Season

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Spring Season FAQs

Q.     What age division will my daughter play in?

A.      Our age cutoff is January 1st. Your daughter’s age on January 1 will determine her age division. (Players may always “play up” one age division)

                                 I.            If she turns 9 on December 31st, she will play in 10U

                               II.            If she turns 9 on January 2nd, she CAN play either 8U or 10U


Q.     What is the difference in the age divisions?

A.      We offer the following divisions:

                                 I.            WeeBall – 3-4 year olds just starting out

                               II.            TeeBall – 4-6 year olds

Played with an 11inch softball

Some coach pitch may be available for older players towards the end of the season

                             III.            8U – coach pitch

Played with an 11inch softball

                            IV.            10U10U with an 11inch softball,

                Players pitch

    Players cannot walk, if they get 4 balls the coach will pitch them 3 more

                              V.            12u and up  played with a 12inch softball

    Players pitch



Q.     When are practices? How are practices scheduled?

A.      Each team’s coach will set their own schedule; they will contact you with details. In general, you can expect 2-3 practices per week before games start and usually no more than one practice per week once games start. Again, this is totally up to each coach individually.


Q.     When are games? Are they always on the same nights?

A.      Games are scheduled based on number of teams in each division; we cannot set the game schedule until after the skills assessment. We TRY to keep each age division on the same night each week. You can expect one game during the week and one on the weekend. This will change due to rainouts (it is an outdoor sport.) Younger players will get the earlier games.


Q.     Why are we practicing at parks other than Cardinal Run?

A.      Most coaches try very hard to get most of their practices at our park (Cardinal Run) however; we only have two fields, which means we do not have enough capacity. Hence, the additional parks, you can expect to have at least some of your practices at one of these supplemental parks.



Q.     What is the skills assessment? Do I have to attend?

A.      The skills assessment is a chance for the coaches in each age division to assess new player’s skill level. The goal being evenly skilled teams to make the season more accessible and enjoyable for all the players

 We want EVERY girl to have a great season where they learn to love the game, learn the fundamentals and most importantly have FUN.



 Q.     Why can’t my daughter play with her friend? Why can’t we request a specific coach?

A.      We do not honor placement requests in the spring because we try very hard to evenly distribute the 1st and 2nd year players in each division SEE ABOVE! TeeBall and WeeBall may honor placement requests.


Q.     Why are the fees so high? What do the fees pay for?


The season fees are vital to Bluegrass Girls Fastpitch, we could not function as a league without them.

What do your spring registration fees cover?

  • Uniforms: the girls receive a jersey with their name and number on it, pants, and socks
  • Umpires fees
  • Upkeep to the park, which we as a league are responsible for, including:
    • Mowing
    • Dragging
    • Chalking
    • and providing grit for rain issues
    • repairing fences
  • Equipment
    • Game balls
    • Practice balls
    • MVP pins
    • Score books for coaches
    • Coaching aids and coaching clinics for volunteer coaches
    • Catchers gear
    • Tees for practices
    • Pitching machines
    • Hitting nets
    • Bases, and tools
  • Previously each parent was required to volunteer a certain amount of time in the concession stand, that is no longer required with the current fee structure
  • Field improvements
    • Completed:
      • tarps to help prevent rain outs
      • a new storage shed
      • landscaping
    • Future: We are hoping to get
      • new pitching lanes
      • new nets for the batting cages
      • and many other projects
  • The fee also covers mandatory fund raising fees, which are $75 of the total fee.
    • We collect that fee with the registration and then you are provided raffle tickets, if you choose to sell them you keep the money from them to recoup your $75
    • It is difficult it is to keep track of 200+ families raffle monies. Collecting with registration eases the burden on the board, the coaches, and the team parent and allows the parents to choose whether or not they will sell the tickets

We want to do so much more, please consider donating to the capital fund to help us achieve these goals. 


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