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Bluegrass Girls Fastpitch!!

Bluegrass Girls Fastpitch!!

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Jul, 2020

Return to Softball

Return to Softball - Bluegrass Girls Fastpitch.
Return to Practice June 15, 2020 / Play July 2020 through October 2020

Overview- To provide a safe, healthy, and responsible environment designed to be both efficient
and to minimize changes to the game.

■ Practices will be scheduled with 10 minute gaps so that the team practicing can clean and
exit prior to the next team arriving.
■ Teams will use the opposite entry and fence line to store equipment to minimize cross
■ Teams may not wait near the field for practice that follows to start
■ A designated area will be set up for teams to stretch while waiting on an open field.
■ Parents will be allowed to sit along the outfield fence, utilizing social distancing.
■ No parents will be allowed in the field area, bleachers or backstop area.
■ Coaching will be limited to 3 people per field.
■ All equipment used in practice needs to be wiped down after usages.
■ Dugouts will need to be sprayed down prior to and post practices.
■ A team waiting on a field may not enter the field until previous teams have completely
exited and will enter via the opposite side.
■ Use of batting cages will require strict social distancing, while kids are waiting to bat,
utilizing multiple drills while assigned to a cage will be promoted to prevent idle time.
■ Teams last on the field will be responsible for cleanup and making sure all equipment and
dugouts are clean, and wiped with sanitizer.
■ All coaches must maintain proper hand sanitizing agents.
■ Parents will be encouraged to wear face masks while at the park, but are not required if
social distancing is followed.
■ Team meetings/parent meetings will be encouraged to happen via zoom or other means
away from park.
■ Any potential health incident will need follow-up with the board and COVID
representative to triage the situation.
■ Only players and coaches from teams scheduled to be on the field for practice can be on
the fields; kids or coaches not registered with Bluegrass Fastpitch may not be inside the
athletic field of play.

■ If proper protocols are not followed teams may have practice time limited or have
supervised practices with a COVID representative.
■ If players are found to be playing while having respiratory symptoms or fever they will
be asked to leave and will not be permitted to practice until cleared by physician.
■ Batting cages are only to be used by teams practicing or playing. If a practice is
scheduled during a game it will be staggered and teams will follow specific routes to
avoid crowds. Parents should maintain distance from the cages or fields for these specific
■ Any player with potential compromising health issues must be presented at the time of
registration so particular interventions may be put into place.
Game Play
■ All games will have staggered start times.
■ Teams and fans will use separate entrances and exits for field A and field B
■ Separate waiting areas will be assigned for fields A and B using grass areas.
■ Parents for teams waiting must remain in their vehicles/away from the fields until
previous games have been concluded.
■ Teams will dedicate one person to be responsible for entrance and exit routine.
■ Parents may sit along the fence row in outfield and along the side no further than the
■ All coaches will have a bracelet and must be registered with BGFP to be on the field.
■ Players must social distance while in dugouts with batters 1, 2 and 3 on the fence and
other players spaced on the bench.
■ While on offense, only one coach may remain in the dugout and must be outside the
■ While on defense only 3 coaches may be in the dugout all others must be outside the
■ Coaches will maintain social distancing recommendations while talking to players, and
■ Umpires will social distance as much as possible, if calling behind the plate must call
from the slot position not in direct contact with the catcher, it will be up to the umpire
coordinator to determine if two or one umpire will be needed.
■ A focus on nonverbal communication will be encouraged by umpires.
■ Coaches may not enter an argument with umpires that break social distancing measures
■ Time limits will be strictly enforced.
■ All games must remain on time.
■ All balls will be sanitized prior to game
■ Dugouts will be sanitized prior to game ( this is responsibility of all teams )

■ All players must have waiver signed before game can be played; any player that does not
have these will not be allowed to participate.
■ Any health related incidents must be reported to the board and COVID representative,
and triaged so appropriate measures can take place.

Park and facility.
■ Concessions may be limited.
■ Restrooms will be limited to two persons at a time and lines will be marked for adequate
distance. Restrooms will be sanitized on a regular basis focusing on high touch areas by
board member or coaches.
■ No one will be permitted to sit behind the back stop area or bleachers.
■ One designated person from the Away team will be allowed to keep score on the
■ Lights will only be allowed to be turned on by a board member.
■ A representative of the board will be present at all times for potential incidents.


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